Posted by: bluestarroysters | July 9, 2013

New water screener

Just got the new water screening table in from Forbidden Alloy LTd. of Courtney BC.  Photos to follow.  Going to test it out today.

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 26, 2013


We have the fist million sold, orders for the second million lined up and ready to book the next one.  Make sure that I hear from you so that you don’t “fall through the cracks”.  

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 26, 2013

Sales Orders

We are lining up sales.  You can “get in line” by emailing me at or call Anthony Lindoff at  907-586-9271.  He will make sure that I’ve got your info.

The steps to keep your place in line are:

1. Fill out an return (via email or USPS) your Sales order.  You can send in more than one if you are ordering for different time periods, ie for 2014.   Note that for larger orders you may not get all of the order at once – as supply is limited at this time and we need to spread the orders a bit.  I’ll do my best to tell you as soon as possible about that kind of situation.

2. When we receive the seed from that hatchery that your order will be filled from then we will require a 20% deposit to be sent.  If you haven’t been told up front then expect an invoice to arrive when we get the applicable seed.

3. You will need to submit a transport permit application to ADF&G before we can ship.  If you have submitted this application before we are cleared by pathology (which ensure that our outgoing seed is disease free) then ADF&G will hold your permit until we are cleared.

4. We need to have shipping worked out.  I will be in touch with you about this.  This should become quite standard in the future.

5. After your order has been sent to you, then you will receive a final invoice that includes any shipping/handling charges.

Let us worry about your seed needs.  Know that we are “turning over every stone” to get you what you need.


Eric Wyatt

BlueStarr Oyster Co.

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 25, 2013

Update 6/25/13

Water temps in the shade at 58-59F.  Growth is excellent.  Site inspection by ADF&G and DNR today.  All is good.

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 15, 2013

Conditions update

6-15-13  Water temps starting to spike above  13C  (to 56F) in shade at 3 ft depth.

Blooms of Noctiluca in area, but bins clear except for slight surface scum.

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 13, 2013

ADF&G Certification

We are not yet certified by ADF&G to sell seed.  If you submit an application for a  transport permit (from us to you)  before we are certified, then ADF&G will hold it until we are.  The certification is to ensure that our product is “disease free.”

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 12, 2013

Update 6/12/13

Seed is growing great.  Water temps are climbing up to 52-55F.  Some Noctiluca bloom, but not down in the bins – so all OK there.

Doing more “hand sorting” with 1/4″ screen today.  Water sort table should be on it’s way to the Seattle barge today – then to Craig next week.  This item will be much appreciated.

Very little loss and excellent growth – to date.

More seed coming in maybe near the end of this month.

Stay tuned.

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 7, 2013

Seed on hand

6/7/2013 Here is a shot of the current seed in inventory.  Very robust


Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 6, 2013

Seed inventory

We currently have around one million seed onboard.  This batch is already spoken for.

We are scheduled to receive more small stuff soon and will update on that.

Posted by: bluestarroysters | June 6, 2013

Pricing for seed

Currently, the price for 20mm+ seed is $40/thousand f.o.b. Tokeen Bay.

We can arrange to receive you at the nursery, meet you in Naukati Bay, put your order on a floatplane, or ship via Alaska Airlines.  Shipping costs are paid by the buyer.  Contact us to make it work for you.

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