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Back online

In an effort to reduce costs and increase simplicity, we’ve moved all content to one website site and an Instagram account.

Please see our Instagram @

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Ketchikan Daily News

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The Blue Starr Oyster Company

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Flashback to the Cabin Boys

Floating bag culture culture

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SK Video

Severin Korfage made this super cool video, partially with his drone, of sites right around our home and farm. Enjoy!

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This is going to be a super year. We will have good amounts of Pacific oyster seed available, and soon will have a second FLUPSY online.

The nominal price per thousand of diploid 1/2″ screen Pacific oyster seed is $45/1000. Deposits in advance guarantee your place in the line up, for the quantities deposited toward. Payment prior to shipping yields a 10% discount.

Please contact me with any questions.

New Blue Starr FLUPSY. 26 ft wide by 53 ft long. 504 sq ft of screened bin area.
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2017 Season

We are off to a good start for 2017. Selling some of the best market oysters ever, which were available at the New York Cafe in Ketchikan. Have piles of new oyster seed coming into the FLUPSY. It’s going to be a great year!

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2015 Season: Oyster Nursery selling 1/2″ screen seed


UPDATE: We have millions of beautiful baby oysters from OceansAlaska in Ketchikan and Hawaiian Shellfish in Hilo.  They are growing great and should be coming to size on schedule.  Out of about 4 million, we could have as much as 1.5 million that are not yet spoken for.  Usually we are over subscribed, but the hatcheries really came through and we loaded up with a bit more than last year. Send me an email to to get on the list.

I can tell you that several of our customers, including a couple in WA, have given us unsolicited praise on the quality of our seed upon receipt and a year later.

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2014 season

My apologies for not posting sooner.  2014 has been a very busy year.   We’ve sold about 2.5 times as much seed this year as last and sold more oysters then ever.

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Lay up

The FLUPSY is layed up for winter.   Thanks to all of our customers for a successful season.  2014 will be even better.


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